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I am very excited to announce the launch of my Pregnant, Fit and Fabulous online fitness programs.

Publishing my book last year was a very rewarding time, not only for myself but also for so many mums who benefited from it.

This got me so excited. The feedback, not only from clients but also from doctors was so encouraging, that I felt the natural next step is to produce videos for each exercise and put the programs online.

It’s so easy when a mum can just press ‘Play’ and all of the information is there for her. She does not even have to leave home, all the programs can be done at home, which saves time and money on expensive gym memberships.

Producing high quality exercise videos for the mum is very important to me. I want every mum to feel like I am there in the room helping her personally. I want her to come alive while she is training, and breathe in the energy. There are some days where she may feel like she is ‘enduring life’, and my therapeutic programs will help her to get moving without feeling like she is going to ‘flake out’.

Being a mum and a grandmother myself, I always think, if I was pregnant right now, what would I like to see, hear and be encouraged with? My passion is to educate the mum with my well-researched knowledge, 20 year experience and to empower her throughout this crazy, fun or fearful time.

We all live in a fast paced world, and having a visual demonstration of an exercise saves a lot of time. Expectant mums need to exercise during pregnancy, but also with caution and safety.

The most frequent comment I get when I train a mum is the sequence of particular exercises that I am giving her, and how she feels so much stronger in her glutes, hips and core muscles.

It’s not enough to follow a fitness program without a careful selection of what needs to be warmed up first or what needs to be strengthened second, and where a particular stretch needs to be held a bit longer, without overstretching.

It’s taken me years to develop and refine my pregnancy programs and now my secret is available to mums all over the world. That gets me very excited.

My step-by-step instruction in every video will give the mum confidence to exercise and feel fit and fabulous during her pregnancy.


My focus is on helping the mum with the following:

  • Safe fitness training during pregnancy
  • Avoid excess weight gain.
  • Working on her mindset. Even if she is a happy loving relationship, there are things that “us” girls need to overcome and self talk positive and empowering language.
  • Have the energy that she needs to function in every day life while growing another human inside her tummy.
  • Understand why pelvic floor strength, hip stability and avoiding back pain are so important during pregnancy.

Eat healthy, nutritious and delicious food.

  • Video interviews with other professional contributors eg: Dr. Ruth Sterling – OBGYN to answer your medical questions.
  • Regular online webinars.


There is a lot in store in my Pregnant, Fit and Fabulous online program. Keep an eye out for the first release of my pregnancy workouts, where you will train safely, effectively and maintain your tone and strength.

Education and information is key in everything I do.


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Mary Bacon

Mary Bacon is a mother of two, Australian Fitness Network Pro-Trainer, author and media presenter with specialised interest and training in pre- and post-natal exercise. Her e-book, Pregnant, Fit and Fabulous is your complete guide to exercise before, during and after pregnancy and is available from Website:

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