How to have a happy and healthy pregnancy starting with Trimester 1

This webinar is for you if you have just fallen pregnant and don’t know what you should do. Trimester 1 is a delicate time, and can make you feel anxious, nauseous and nervous about being pregnant. Having a healthy baby, and not gaining huge amount of weight is every mums’ dream. You will go through many emotions, physiological changes and get tired as your pregnancy progresses. Learning all the tools with workouts, meditation, food tips etc from trimester one, will greatly benefit you for a happy and healthy pregnancy.


Trimester 1 Webinar

There is a lot of unwarranted confusion that the media and celebrities impose on pregnant mums. But with Pregnant Fit and Fabulous fitness programs, you will be confident that you are not over training or undertraining.

The programs will equip you with research based, safe and effective fitness video programs as well as lifestyle modifications. Expert advice specifically for first trimester pregnancy. I have proven methods and specific exercises to teach you that are targeted for first trimester.