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Mary Bacon

Based on the Gold Coast, Queensland Mary is an extraordinary fitness and health coach with 34 years’ experience. Mary Bacon’s advice is sought after by Olympic Medallist such as Jana Pittman, as well as OBGYN’s and everyday people.

Mary’s particular experience is with pregnancy and exercise. A genius at her craft, Mary has revealed her wealth of proven health and fitness secrets for you in her sought after book, Pregnant Fit and Fabulous. 

Her methodical research took 10 years before publishing her book. Its almost like being pregnant and preparing for birth. It takes time to birth a healthy baby.

Mary is also a grandmother to 3 happy and healthy grandchildren and has been a huge influence and support to her two daughters during and after the birth of their babies. 

The 3 Most Important Steps To Take For A Healthy First Trimester  

You have 101 questions when you fall pregnant and you need a 'One Stop' place to get answers and resources. These 3 videos will highlight the most important information every mother wants.

How to prioritise food shopping and exercise.

Which type of exercise? Pilates, cardio or weights?

Mental health management.

Discuss with your doctor or midwife for specific contraindications to exercise during pregnancy.

It is widely accepted fact that fit women have shorter labours with a significantly lower rate of caesarean sections (C-section). More evidence is showing that women who begin regular, moderate exercise in trimester 1 (T1), and continue throughout their pregnancy will also benefit. One study demonstrated that the first-time mothers who did not exercise were 4.5 times more likely to require a C-section.

Making lifestyle choices.

According to the Royal Hospital for Women in Victoria, Australia, weight gain during pregnancy varies. Average weight increase is between 11.5 and 16kg. The usual pattern of weight gain is 1-2kg during the first 3 months. Followed by 1-2kg per month during the final six months of pregnancy.

Smoking and drinking alcohol should be stopped immediately. One of the longest running studies into the effects of alcohol on the unborn child was conducted by scientist at Harvard Medical School. Dr Robert Carter writes from his clinical and experimental research that “alcohol could have permanent effect on brain development, giving children a lower IQ for life”

Cigarette smoke contains many highly poisonous compounds and nicotine is proven to damage brain cell quality. Nicotine can kill brain cells and stop new ones forming in the hippocampus, a brain region involved in memory, according to a French research team. Their findings might explain the cognitive problems experienced by many heavy smokers during withdrawal.

Nutrition is most important.

Some women experience the most weird or amazing cravings, other are completely wiped out with nausea. For most part though, if you can have optimum nigh dense nutritional program before you fall pregnant, the body will respond better. You will only need extra 300 calories per day through out your entire pregnancy, and if you workout, this will balance out with energy in and energy out. Remember your first trimester requires heart rate modification and exercise modification. Here at Pregnant Fit and Fabulous, we provide all this in our subscription based program for T1. If you are interested in having a personal consultation with me, please feel free to reach out and we can organise a complimentary w30 minute zoom call.