Trimester 1 Webinar

There is a lot of unwarranted confusion that the media and celebrities impose on pregnant mums. But with Pregnant Fit and Fabulous fitness programs, you will be confident that you are not over training or undertraining.

The programs will equip you with research based, safe and effective fitness video programs as well as lifestyle modifications. Expert advice specifically for first trimester pregnancy. I have proven methods and specific exercises to teach you that are targeted for first trimester.

Modules in program and benefits of each Module:

Fitness should be fun, and during pregnancy it’s even more important to have fun training as you will be doing it with your growing baby. Find out about the development of your baby and what specifics you do and don’t do from week 8-16.

Each workout will have warm up, stretch, strength and pelvic floor stability exercises. You will learn how not to over activate or burn out your pelvic floor muscles but prepare them for birth and for recovery.

Hence why doctors and Gynaecologists endorse Pregnant Fit and Fabulous workouts.

Carbohydrate cravings – how to navigate this and avoid early weight gain. Tips on food that is satisfying and are full of nutrients for you and your growing baby. Education on healthy diet and lifestyle modifications.

Meditation for pregnancy specific calm and visualisation.

Investment of program:

For less than $50 a week, you will gain a wealth of knowledge, fitness, confidence and know that you are on the right path.